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Meet our team of efficient doctors

Dr. K. G. Choudhary

Dr. K. G. Choudhary founder of Doctor Chaudhary's homoeopathic clinic and research center. Dr. K. G. Chaudhary is treating patients since 1969. At present, he is treating patients from more than 100 countries. With more than 50 years of experience, learning and research. The clinic has developed most effective diagnosis and treatment to various acute and chronic ailments. Our homeopathy treatment have received a patients satisfaction rate of more than 95%.

A highly reputed and distinguished medical center, Doctor Choudhary's homoeopathy clinic equipped with modern facilities to provide best Homeopathy treatment. The team of highly competent and experienced doctors is committed to promote Homeopathy and support the public in its right to receive quality treatment.

Doctor Chaudhary's homoeopathic clinic gives treatment for mental ailments respiratory tract ailments, cardiac diseases, gynaecological & obstetrical, skin diseases, paediatric disorders, stress related disorders, allergies and kidney diseases. People who resort to homeopathic treatment normally witness that their state of health and well being improves significantly The become more resistant to infection and experience a greater sense of inner strength.

Dr. Sandhya

Dr. Sandhya Chaudhary is a dynamic and global homeopath since last three decades. She is devoted to homeopathy in the areas of practice and research. She is been working on several research projects. Her sole aim is to bring homeopathy close to the mainstream medicine. Has been working hard to make homeopathy globally available and to bring the best homeopathy treatment for humanity Her hard work professional commitment, sincerity and dedication arise from sheer desire to help patients; which in turn arise from the spiritual bend applied in life.

Dr. Pradeep K Chaudhary

Dr. Pradeep K Chaudhary presents a modern and scientific face of homeopathy. He not only presents the 'new face' of modern homeopathy; but also responsible for 'new phase' in homeopathy. His global clinic in bhilai is visited by patients from all over the country. He has created a new phase in homoeopathy by introducing cosmetology and tricology in his clinic. all modern and latest laser machines are used for treating patients.first of its kind in india


Dr. AARTI CHAUDHARY a qualified homoeopathic doctor and cosmetologist ,she is now synonymous with homeopathy and cosmetology and has won the unique and unmatched distinction of solving more than thousands of female ailments and infertile cases and she is know for her expertise in homeopathy since last one decade and has benefited lots of patients who have come to her. Her hard work, professional commitment, sincerity and dedication arise from sheer desire to help patients;She is a counselor; and her work has touched lives of many, by her help in improving interpersonal relationship among her patients. Her ability to connect with people allows her to find genuine solutions for treating her patients.